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Which Website Platform Should I Use?

Hi Everyone, As someone who has used both zenfolio and wordpress sites have worked with numerous students and clients who have adopted everything that includes squarespace, wix, photoshelter, etc. I wanted to share some insights about this topic.
First of all I want to say that website development is every bit as important to our career as accounting, studio design and maintenance, branding and marketing, and all the other non photography related skills that a business needs to have in order to be competitive and successful.  The idea of not wanting to be a web developer is a good one if you can afford to hire a competent website host and designer.  One photographer friend I know spent 20K to have a site built for his business.  It really works well for him.  Most photographers cannot afford this level of premium service.
Rather than jumping to a decision as to which platform we should use for our website we have to really think about our business workflows and how we want our site to fu…